My work usually will be in 3 different formats:

  • Mentoring: most of my work is either on 1:1 sessions or in small groups and they take place virtually and in-person
  • Workshops: my 10-step methodology helps impact-makers finetune their impact strategies.
  • Speaking engagement at impact events, accelerators and conferences.

One to One

  • Personal development for business and economic development
  • Value creating formulas and project feasibility
  • Strategies for client acquisition, negotiations, fundraising and partnerships

Courses & Workshops

  • Minimum Viable Mindset: we explore the mindset of successful impact makers.
  • Impact Compass: a 10-step methodology to fine tune impact strategies.
  • Advocacy for Changemakers


  • Future-tested impact strategies
  • Aligned actions influence and impact metrics
  • Coherence growth maps with crystal-clear narratives
  • Connected personal development goals with business growth that result in creating a life you love.
  • Understanding of economic structures so that you can accelerate economic development
  • Skills and practices that increase your impact making capabilities.
  • Awareness of the mechanics of impact, how to craft it and the tools, mindsets and skillsets you need
  • Personal development habits to increase chances of success
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