A career attracting foreign investment and creating jobs took me to far land in search for keys to open the gates of global prosperity. I have not found them yet. But what I have learnt during my journey is that change is imminent. I have witness good will, hard work and ambition to make sustainability and social good the norm. But still, results are pale when compared to needs. And this is a luxury we simply can’t afford.

We have some homework to do. We need impact-makers from all walks of life committed to putting passion, creativity and work to make things better. This is a way to raise the lives of many, as well as to keep peace for all.

This is when I joined the impact space, thanks to an invitation from Hult Prize to join their judge panel. Since 2011 I join them every year no matter where in the world I am, to support social entrepreneurs change the world. I still kept in contact with many of them, who send their friends to speak to me , and without knowing it, I had a mentoring practice.

The challenges ahead of us require different skills and that people join forces to pull off projects of massive impact. I contribute with my skills, so that you can excel at yours. And the best of all, is that I am convinced that we can actually improve the live of millions. We simply need to do this together.

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